Mic Crenshaw

'Superheroes'- The Music Video

by Mic Crenshaw (ft. Dead Prez)

This video turns the ordinary into extraordinary!

We live in a society where food, clothes, shelter, education and the necessities of life are less and less of a guarantee.  Or just more and more destructive to individuals and the earth.  The degree to which there is an assault on all people is constantly escalating.

In this environment, keeping oneself, one's family and each other healthy, strong and positive is heroic indeed. We don't look to Hollywood or Washington DC for inspiration.

We look to each other and help ourselves.

'We are our own Superheroes, all Power to the People!'

Directed and Produced by Payam Sadri and Kevin Hasenkopf (of 109 Salmon)

Music by Maestro (of Silent Riot and D12)  -  2014

'Free My Mind' Music Video 
by Mic Crenshaw (ft. Redray Frazier)

This Is my ode to getting into the wind and letting it go. Growing up in Chicago and Minneapolis, Black Bikers were part of the sub cultural landscape and my own family. Settling in the Pacific Northwest and becoming a rider myself, this video captures the feel of the open road in one of the most picturesque places to ride. Two wheels down, a rock jam with Hip Hop sensibility. A Hip Hop jam with Rock flavor. Enjoy!!!

Directed by Wone & Music Produced by Elwood    2013